Aquatic Symmetry

Welcome to Aquatic Symmetry! This Beautiful Symmetry remix is created by Cheryl Gleaton, the STEAM Programming Coordinator for Children’s Programs at Lucy Hilton Maddox Memorial Library, in Blakely, Georgia.

Why did you choose this remix strategy? How does it address a challenge or opportunity in your context? I love symmetry and patterns! Our library is participating in the Oceans of Possibilities Summer Reading Program and we coordinate with our schools.  I have started a program with fifth graders to build a large aquarium.

🌀 Remix ✋ Multi-Session 🥰 Ages 10+ 🕐 1–1.5 Hours 👩‍👧‍👦 up to 15 Participants 🍎 1–2 Facilitators 🎨 Craft Materials

Workshop Flow & Materials


Session 1: Creating the Saltwater Aquarium

Create everything in a saltwater aquarium

Notes Children from a fifth grade class were invited to create everything in an aquarium

Session 2: Introduce Symmetry

Use stamps and ink to create a underwater scene or symmetrical patterns for wrapping paper

Notes First week of summer reading program

Session 3: Explore New Depths

Accordion aquarium—create something symmetrical in your aquarium

Notes Paper plates, construction paper, ink or paint, ocean stickers and cutouts

Session 4: Seven Seas

Make origami sharks and fish

Notes Origami paper

Session 5: Our Blue Planet

Make mosaic art

Notes Paper squares, glue, cardboard

Session 6: Our Blue Planet

Sculpt air dry clay creatures and decorate with things that show symmetry

Notes Clay, ribbon, paint, jewels

Supply Kit

Cute & assembled PLIX Beautiful Symmetry zines 1 per participant
Large furniture box
Paints of different colors brushes
Different types and colors of paper
Pipe cleaners 2–3 packages of neon colors
Pool noodles 2 neon colors
Ribbon, yarn, string
Passive Programming: Table tents
Take and make kit: Examples & prompt printout and “what’s in the kit”

Beautiful Symmetry Zine

Download here ↓

PLIX zines are a supplementary resource for patrons and librarians to refer to. Use this guide to cut and assemble them on 8.5x11" paper.


Did you create any example projects for this prompt? Please describe. Yes I taught the students different types of origami and folds to do symmetry and create creatures.

What went well? What was challenging? We are working with student groups hoping to bring them into the summer program. One problem was giving the children time to explore and play with items in the box! After a few minutes of exploring they were ready to begin!

What did you celebrate? We celebrated the gifts of imagination from different students and homeschoolers. Participants learned new skills and shared ideas for the project. They learned that they could talk with each other and work out problems that accommodated most ideas to some degree.

Which of the PLIX facilitation techniques did you use or think about while planning this remix activity, if any? I gave them a frame and materials

What advice would you give facilitators planning to do this remix at their libraries? Give patrons time to explore and play with the items you are using. Most are not able to have these materials at home.