Chibitronics circuit stickers are easy-to-use, peel-and-stick electronic modules for building circuits on paper. They are a friendly introduction to electronics, allowing young people to learn circuits and programming while they create beautiful interactive works of art!

Have you implemented a Chibitronics activity? Have feedback to share? Questions about how to get started?

Chibitronics at a Glance

  • Age range: 8 and older
  • Group size: Variable, limited only by amount of supplies and number of facilitators
  • Facilitators: 0 or more
  • Facilitator skills: Arts and crafts, basic familiarity with circuitry concepts
  • Activity type: Activities range from single-user guided activities to workshops/classroom lesson plans designed for groups of children
  • Session length: Varies, from short (~30 minute) single activities to 90 minutes workshops
  • Cost: Varies, Circuit Sticker packs and kits range from $30 for a starter kit to $110 (for a classroom pack that includes materials for 30 kids); Books and templates are free to download!
  • Supplies: Arts and craft supplies, Circuit Stickers, coin batteries; some activities require additional supplies

Chibitronics in Action

Chibitronics in action Chibitronics in action Chibitronics in action Chibitronics in action