Family Creative Learning

Family Creative Learning (FCL) is a workshop series that engages children and their parents to learn together — as designers and inventors — through the use of creative technologies. We designed the workshops to strengthen the social support and expertise of families with limited access to resources and experiences around computing.

Have you implemented a FCL activity? Have feedback to share? Questions about how to get started?

FCL at a Glance

  • Age range: Families with children age 7-12
  • Group size: Any number of family groups can participate, limited only by the number of facilitators and equipment
  • Facilitators: 1 facilitator per 3-4 families, plus an extra facilitator to help with coordination
  • Facilitator skills: Scratch, Makey Makey, creativity, arts and crafts, play
  • Parents involved: Yes
  • Activity type: Hands-on technology skills workshop
  • Session length: Series of five 2-hour workshops
  • Cost: $8-12 per participant for food, plus cost of Makey Makeys ($20-$50 each) and craft supplies
  • Supplies: 1 Makey Makey per family, paper, arts and craft materials, eating supplies (plates, napkins, cups, etc.)
  • Space and equipment: 1 computer station (with internet access) per family, plus a central community table for sharing

FCL in Action

FCL in action FCL in action