Course Outputs

This course is for you, and you as a participant will help shape it. Together, we are forming a learning community through this course, built around the knowledge that you and your peers in the library profession bring to the course, and we will learn as we construct.

Just as we don't know what level of expertise with creative STEAM learning you will begin the course with, we cannot anticipate what any participant will gain. We do know that you'll take from this experience what you build with us.

If you participate in all of our recommended activities, the concrete outputs you will have at the end of the course include these items, all chosen to help you get started with facilitating creative learning:

  • 4–6 example projects constructed (to be used as you introduce four different activities to your patrons)
  • understanding of 4–8 references (articles, books) you can cite in any proposals you're working on
  • familiarity with several handy "cheat sheets" to consult as you get used to facilitation in creative learning environments
  • engagement with other like-minded library professionals in PLIX's network
  • your own personal facilitation mantra

We have no strict attendance requirements, and we leave it to you to carve your own path from the options we offer each week.