Things to Make With (Supplies List)

A critical element of the Facilitating Creative Learning course is making PLIX projects! Stock up and get prepared, and be sure to come to our weekly Make'n'Meet sessions (Thursdays at 3pm Eastern time).

This course is free to participate, but there are a few critical items that will allow you to participate fully. If you have some professional development funding, we hope you can use a few dollars of your budget to buy the needed materials. We can provide documentation to support the necessity of these materials to success in the course.

In the Recommendation column, the label "up to you!" in Weeks 1 & 4 indicates there is a lot of flexibility in what materials you use to do the project.

Note: Some electronics in Weeks 2 and 3 have been in short supply! We have identified a vendor, Jameco Electronics, who has some BBC micro:bits and other electronics in stock. Each item's Jameco part number is linked in the spreadsheet. We've arranged a discount: at checkout please use the custom code “MT2021” which should automatically apply 7% off your entire order.