Week 4 — Grow as a Facilitator

The final moments in any creative learning activity are critical. During this time, facilitators take time to reflect on their practice. They think about their own growth and learning as facilitators in the workshop, just as they deftly guide workshop participants to share and reflect. Delve into the mindset of seasoned creative learning facilitators and develop your own ongoing facilitation practice.

Week 4 Quick To-Do List

Nothing is mandatory, but you'll get out of the course what you put in!

Share your thinking & making—and continue to learn from your peers—on the PLIX Forum.
Join the Community Gathering, Tuesday at 12 noon ET (UTC-4).
Read the articles about the ongoing practice of facilitation and creating an equitable, welcoming environment, listed in Things to Think With (Reading, Listening) below.
Craft your own Facilitation Mantra
Read the PLIX Inflatables activity and prompt.
Create an inflatables project—perhaps during the Make'n'Meet on Thursday at 3pm ET (UTC-4)—and post a picture to the PLIX Forum.
Join us for the final sharing, reflection, recognition, and celebration / dance party right after the final Make'n'Meet, at 4pm ET. 🎉

Miss a session? No worries. You'll be able to find Zoom recordings of our Community Gatherings and Make'n'Meets on the PLIX Forum.

Featured Facilitation Technique

PLIX has seven facilitation techniques, and this week we highlight the last of them all!


️🏀 Remember: Facilitation is a practice!

Don’t stress about being “good at it” right away. Becoming a creative learning facilitator will be a continuous process of trying, reflecting, and iterating. Remember to allow ~10 minutes for self-reflection after each workshop you facilitate.

Things to Think With (Doing, Reading, Listening)

We've identified some readings that relate to the themes of the week. Read as much as you have time to read and head over to the PLIX Forum to share your thoughts.

PLIX Conversation Starters


Michelle Hlubinka of PLIX chats about the critical practices of sharing and reflection in creative learning workshops with Ricarose Roque, founder of Family Creative Learning and Professor of Information Science at University of Colorado, Boulder, where she directs the Creative Communities research group. (Time: 25 minutes)

Week 4: Ricarose & Michelle PLIX Conversation Starter

Recommended Core Doing / Reading

Make Your Own Facilitation Mantra

★ ★ ★ This is the primary activity this week—and a major output for the course that you can take with you into your future as a creative learning facilitator. If you are short on time, make sure you focus it here! ★ ★ ★


PLIX Activity Repository Spotlight


What will you play with at the cosmic picnic in the intergalactic garden? Space has been expanding ever since the Big Bang, and with Inflatables you’ll be blowing up the playground! Lighten up the mood with an airy element. Find a "pneu" way to play with new pneumatically-activated toys and party decor of your own design!

Playful Planet

Deeper Dive