Self-Guided Mini Course

Self-Guided Mini Course

In this self-guided mini course, we will get you ready to run your first PLIX workshop.


Facilitating Creative Learning with PLIX

Our self-guided mini course is designed for anyone interested in creative STEM programming—no technical expertise is required (or expected). In the sessions, we will combine practice and theory for facilitating creative learning, and we’ll give you all the tools you need.

Choose your Own Adventure!

This mini course has eight sessions—you can choose to receive them

  • over the course of 4 weeks (2 emails, on Mondays and Thursdays),
  • or do it as a crash course in 2 weeks (4 emails, Monday through Thursday)!

Although this course is self-guided, you won’t be alone! You’ll join your fellow participating librarians on the PLIX forum, to share, inspire, and reflect together.

Session Overview

The course is structured in eight sessions:

  1. Getting Started with PLIX Learn about the Media Lab and what PLIX does
  2. The Facilitator’s Mindset What it means to be a Creative Learning Facilitator
  3. The PLIX Pedagogy: Creative Learning Dig in to our creative learning pedagogy
  4. Preparing Examples Curate thoughtful examples to help you get started
  5. Remixing: Making PLIX Your Own Remix PLIX activities for your context
  6. Letting Learners Lead Encourage peer learning and support learner agency
  7. Wrapping up Celebrate the process and product by checking in and sharing out
  8. Growing as a Facilitator Document, reflect, and share your experiences