Spin is a photography turntable system that lets you capture how your DIY projects come together over time. With Spin, you can create GIFs and videos of your projects that you can download and share on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network. The Spin system consists of a mechanical turntable and an Arduino shield. Building a Spin turntable is a great makerspace activity!

Have you implemented a Spin activity? Have feedback to share? Questions about how to get started?

Spin at a Glance

  • Age range: Teens and adults
  • Group size: Variable, best for a small group
  • Facilitators: 2+
  • Facilitator skills: Laser cutting, 3D printing, soldering, basic tool use, Arduino programming
  • Activity type: Small group workshop
  • Session length: Several hours or a few shorter sessions focused on individual fabrication stages
  • Cost: $150 for raw materials
  • Supplies: Specialized parts list is included in build instructions
  • Space and equipment: Laser cutter, 3D printer, soldering iron, basic hardware tools, fabrication workspace

Spin in Action

Spin in action Spin in action Spin in action Spin in action