Celebrate National Library Week!

Anthony Dodd
April 25, 2023

April 23-29, 2023 is National Library Week! Here at PLIX, we hold libraries near and dear because we know how important their impact is on our communities. ❤️

From making someone’s day to the everlasting, lifelong impact libraries and librarians have on their patrons, we say thank you and keep being awesome!

Below you will find some library memories and experiences shared from the PLIX team:

Anthony’s library story: There are so many things to love about libraries! My favorite thing by far is that my first job was within a library. Starting off as a library page, I was able to move up positions and work with various libraries to eventually become a circulation supervisor. The connections that were made every day with our patrons is something that I will never forget.

PLIX Intern Emmi’s library story: Growing up, my school library was always my safe space. I would cozy up in the bean bags to read a new book or meet up at the large tables to do homework with friends. It was a place where I could relax, learn, and explore, and I will be forever grateful that I had this haven during my childhood. Thank you to all the librarians who allowed me to stay after school to read, who shared with me their unforgettable book recommendations, and who worked hard everyday to create this beautiful space for students like me. Every week should be library appreciation week!

PLIX Intern Vivian’s library story: Libraries are magical places filled with books that can transport you to different worlds, activities to get you excited about learning, and people eager to help you along the way! As someone who has turned to reading as a way to escape the problems of the real world many times, I couldn’t be more thankful for the resources and accessibility that libraries provide for the local community. One book, one activity, one librarian can make all the difference in someone’s life. THANK YOU!

Ada’s Library Story: Growing up in the 90s in Queens, NY, there wasn’t much available for immigrant kids like me. I loved my local library and would walk there almost every day, to see my favorite librarian, Elizabeth, who once let me borrow a book from the adults section, which was a super big deal for a 7 year old. I also loved all the paper craft activities they had, a passion that continued into adulthood! Thank you Elizabeth and thank you Queens Public Library!