Intergalactic Garden

Intergalactic Garden

What unexpected non-carbon-based lifeforms can you create?

Last week's cosmic picnic in zero gravity now gets transported to a setting that's limited only by your imagination.

  1. Read PLIX's activity writeup for Scratch+micro:bit
  2. Get started on a crazy interactive plant to add to our imaginary intergalactic garden.
  3. Join us for Thursday's Make & Meet at 3pm Eastern time (UTC-4) to work on and/or share your project.
  4. Post a picture to the PLIX Forum and/or share your project in our Scratch studio.

Materials you'll need for this week's activity

While the activity as we have created it requires a micro:bit, you can create an interactive Scratch project without one. At a minimum, make sure you have a Scratch account installed and ready to go for the Make'n'Meet.


Note: Next week's Paper Circuits activity uses uncommon materials you'll want to order now to make sure you have your materials in time.



Scratch account Scratch was designed to be an open environment and community for learning to code. If you're new to it, set up your account before our Week 2 Make & Meet. Get your account at Free.

Strongly recommended

We hope you had a chance to get a micro:bit.

If you don't have a micro:bit, you can use Scratch's video sensing feature or keyboard input to make your project interactive.

If you find a source that sells the "micro:bit go kit", these three other components are included:

  • AAA or AA battery pack to power micro:bit
  • AAA or AA batteries
  • cable to connect micro:bit







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