Week 3 — Celebrate the Process

Deepen your understanding of the unique practices that creative learning facilitators engage in while running workshops as they navigate being both learner and leader. Find strategies that foster curiosity in workshop participants as you create and play alongside them.


This information is a sneak preview. Come back on Monday, May 10th to find out more information about the recommended reading, listening, and more!

What to Expect in Week 3

Monday, May 10th 🛍️ Content Drop We'll be putting up more details about the course readings and activities Monday, May 10th at 10am Eastern time. Pop by to pick up the audio PLIX Conversation Starter and listen before our Gathering on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 11th 🐝 Community Gathering Our weekly course-wide meeting to talk through the week's themes and an open Q&A.

Thursday, May 13th ✂️ Make & Meet Using the resources in PLIX's activity repository, we'll have a co-working session to address the prompt.

Conversation Starters

Lydia Guterman of PLIX chats about some of the considerations seasoned facilitators put into running creative learning workshops with Tienya Smith, Community Library Manager of the Queens Public Library in New York.

Featured Facilitation Techniques

⚒️  Don’t touch the tools!

🤖  Avoid technical jargon

🎉 Celebrate the learning process, not just the finished product

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