Flickering Fashion

Flickering Fashion

What will you wear to the cosmic picnic in the intergalactic garden?

We are having a cosmic picnic in the intergalactic garden. What will you wear to this de-light-ful soiree? Light up your lunar wardrobe with paper circuits!

  1. Read PLIX's activity writeup for Paper Circuits.
  2. Get started on a unique piece of light-up fashion to "wear" to the picnic. It can be clothes, shoes, a hat or some other kind of an accessory.
  3. Join us for Thursday's Make & Meet at 3pm Eastern time (UTC-4) to work on and/or share your project.
  4. Share your project on the PLIX Forum.
Lydia (from the PLIX team!) wears a light-up bracelet she made.
Lydia (from the PLIX team!) wears a light-up bracelet she made.

Materials you'll need for this week's activity


Note: This week's activity uses uncommon materials you'll want to have ordered.

⭐ Critical


LEDs It's hard to buy these for a good price individually, but you only need 1–5 for your project. Buy a bunch now, and you'll have some left for patrons to use when you run your first PLIX workshop! We like using 5 mm LEDs in our workshops, but 3 mm ones will work, too. Cost: usually $5 for 50- to 100-pack


coin cell battery Any CR2032 will do. Some have used CR2025 or CR2016 coin cells successfully. While our links are for single packs, these get very cheap when you buy 5 or more, and then you'll have them for your patron workshop. Cost: 20 cents to $2 each

Strongly recommended


copper tape If you buy several rolls, you'll have enough for your first PLIX workshop! Make sure it has conductive adhesive. If you cannot acquire copper tape in time, use aluminum foil. (It's just much fiddlier to work with.) Cost: $12 for 4 rolls


binder clips / metal paper clips These can be helpful in making switches or conductive connections. Cost: ~10 cents each

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