Week 4 — Grow as a Facilitator

In the critical final phases of any creative learning activity, creative learning facilitators deftly guide workshop participants to share and reflect with a light touch, and themselves reflect on their own growth and learning as facilitators in the workshop. Delve into the mindset of seasoned creative learning facilitators and develop your own ongoing facilitation practice.


This information is a sneak preview. Come back on Monday, May 17th to find out more information about the recommended reading, listening, and more!

What to Expect in Week 4


Monday, May 17th Content Drop We'll be putting up more details about the course readings and activities Monday, May 17th at 10am Eastern time. Pop by to pick up the audio PLIX Conversation Starter and listen before our Gathering on Tuesday.


Tuesday, May 18th Community Gathering Our weekly course-wide meeting to talk through the week's themes and an open Q&A.


Thursday, May 20th Make & Meet Using the resources in PLIX's activity repository, we'll have a co-working session to address the prompt.


Friday, May 21st Closing Celebration We end with a final sharing, reflection, recognition, and celebration / dance party.

Conversation Starters

Michelle Hlubinka of PLIX chats about the critical practices of sharing and reflection in creative learning workshops with Ricarose Roque, founder of Family Creative Learning and Professor of Information Science at University of Colorado, Boulder, where she directs the Creative Communities research group.

Featured Facilitation Techniques

️🏀 Remember: Facilitation is a practice

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