PLIX Summer Workshops

PLIX Summer Workshops

Jun 17, 2021 → Sep 16, 2021
💻 Online

We're excited to be hosting four workshops this summer, including a community call and our first-ever workshop about our upcoming activity, Beautiful Symmetry! All workshops are hosted Thursdays at 12:00pm ET on Zoom.

🤝 PLIX Community Call

Thursday, June 17th | 12:00-1:00PM ET

Join us for a PLIX community call! We'll share updates about the new PLIX activities and projects under development. [RSVP]

🌱 Urban Ecology

Thursday, July 15th | 12:00-1:00PM ET

The PLIX Urban Ecology Activity Series is composed of three independent activities that all focus on the ecosystem processes of urban and suburban settings. This training briefly covers how to get started with these three activities as well as how you might remix them to suit the needs and interests of your community! [RSVP]

⭐️ Beautiful Symmetry

Thursday, August 12th | 12:00-1:00PM ET

In this workshop, we’ll cover the new PLIX Beautiful Symmetry activity, which offers patrons a chance to explore a branch of mathematics that's profound yet accessible to creative learners.[RSVP]

🎈 Inflatables

Thursday, September 16th | 12:00-1:00PM ET

In this workshop, we’ll return to the recently released PLIX Inflatables activity, which makes use of the power of air to create and inflate pneumatic/soft robotic/mechanical designs using low- or no-cost upcycled materials. [RSVP]



More Opportunities...

💌 Email Mini-Courses

PLIX Email Mini-Courses are automated email courses that will help prepare you to facilitate some of our PLIX activities in your library! Each week, you'll receive an email from the PLIX team with reading excerpts, facilitation tips, and a making prompt that will give you some hands-on experience with the activity.

Past Workshops

You can always out an archive of our previous workshops on our YouTube channel. 📹









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