and Saint Paul Public Library is a suite of tools and activities to help people understand and work with data, a valuable skill set in this age of data and visualization. Activities include hands-on workshops developed to help people learn data literacy concepts in safe, engaging, familiar ways.

Through this residency exchange, the team will iterate on existing workshops and design new ones in collaboration with Saint Paul Public Library, an active community hub for supporting data and information literacy skills. During the residency, the team will develop documentation and toolkits for their activities, identify topics and data sets best for introductions in the library setting, and incorporate data literacy resources into existing library programming.

Interested in learning more about the and Saint Paul Public Library residency exchange? Questions about how to get involved?

Exchange team members:

  • Rahul Bhargava,, Center for Civic Media, MIT Media Lab
  • Amanda Feist, Saint Paul Public Library
  • Xenia Hernandez, Saint Paul Public Library