Facilitating Creative Learning Hybrid Workshop

Facilitating Creative Learning Hybrid Workshop

We’re thrilled to host our second hybrid creative learning facilitation workshop, on Wed-Thurs March 15-16, 2023

As part of the hybrid workshop, you’ll be able to learn together with your library peers at one of 14 participating satellite sites, and connect with groups at other sites.

About our Hybrid Workshop

This 2-day innovative workshop format is based on our May 2022 hybrid workshop model in collaboration with Middle Georgia Regional Library System. Check out this PLIX forum post to learn more about the satellite sites and their experiences!

What is the PLIX hybrid workshop model?

To create a more engaging workshop experience, our hybrid workshop model combines in-person and online workshop formats. PLIX will run the workshop online and connect 10 satellite sites.

Each satellite site hosts 8-10 participants. You’ll be able to connect in-person as peers playing together and trying out projects based on your passions (the 4 P’s of creative learning!). The online part includes breakout room formats to connect with other satellite sites, to share knowledge, resources, and practices.


What is a satellite site?

A satellite site hosts a group of local library professionals to learn together as peers.

What do we need to have to be a satellite site?

You’ll need a meeting room with tables, chairs, and a large screen to connect to other satellite sites. We will provide an AV device for you to keep!

How much planning does the satellite site host need to do?

Overall, planning takes about 3 hours. Some things that satellite sites have done include:

  • Inviting local and nearby library professionals to attend the workshop.
  • Reserving a meeting room, receiving the kit, and arranging for catering, 30 minutes or more.
  • Joining us and other satellite sites for a planning meeting and a tech check meeting. These are two 1-hour meetings.
  • Setting up the space, about 20 minutes.

Do we need to provide materials and food?

We’ll ship you just about everything you need for the workshop. We expect you to have some common craft materials.

To encourage community-building, we’ll cover the cost of a reasonable lunch and dinner on day one, and breakfast and lunch on day two.

What time zone do we need to be in?

This workshop will work best with US Eastern, US Central, and US Mountain time zones.

We will be based in Eastern Standard Time. Day 1 agenda will run from 1PM–6PM, and Day 2 agenda will run from 10AM–2PM.

What organization funds this workshop?

This workshop was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (RE-246380-OLS-20).