Paper Circuit Remix Make’n’Meet Workshop

Paper Circuit Remix Make’n’Meet Workshop

Thursday, October 13st | 1:00–2:00PM ET

Get ready for the holiday season with this PLIX workshop. We’re remixing Paper Circuits with Spatial Poetry to light up your world! 💡🌍 

How will you bring to light your experience of the spaces you inhabit?

You’ll need some supplies for this workshop!

Copper foil tape (conductive, made from real copper!)
LEDs (looks like a tiny gumdrop with 2 wire legs!)
Coin cell battery (CR2032 or CR2025)
Cardstock, or any thick paper
Craft materials!
Optional: Binder clip
Optional: PLIX Simple Paper Circuit Printout (super helpful for getting started!)

Have questions or insights to share about it before the workshop? Head over to the Paper Circuits forum thread.