PLIX Winter Kit

PLIX Winter Kit

Nov 14 Update: We’ve hit our limit!

Celebrate the winter season with PLIX!

Try out our Self-Guided Mini Course at your own pace, and we’ll ship you a winter-themed activity kit, at no cost to you.

Nov 14 Update: Form is closed! We’ve surpassed our expected sign-ups, so we will not be able to accommodate all requests.

Please note that due to our grant funding, we can only send kits to public libraries or non-profits working with public libraries in the US.


The PLIX Winter Kit combines our Paper Circuit and Beautiful Symmetry activity, with winter-themed materials.

There’s enough materials to use with at least 20 library patrons.

  1. Getting Started with PLIX—We encourage you to sign up for our 👩🏽‍🏫 Self-Guided Mini Course that’ll get you started on how to facilitate creative learning, and running your first PLIX workshop.
  2. Use the Kit—Playtest and plan to run one of the activities, both, or remix them! Sessions 4 and 5 of the Self-Guided Mini Course can guide you on trying it out and adapting the activity for your library context. 👉 Promote your workshop with our ready-made graphics.
  3. Shout Out Your Share Out—Let us know how it went for you! Ping us on the 💬 PLIX forum, 💌 email us, or tag us on Twitter (@heyplix). We love pictures of your and your patrons’ creations.