Sonic Seasoning Make’n’Meet Workshop

Sonic Seasoning Make’n’Meet Workshop

Thursday, December 8th | 1:00–2:00PM ET

Try our newest activity on Food and Sound!

Do you eat with your ears? How can we encourage healthy eating through sound?

In this workshop, we’ll explore how changing the sound of our eating can change our satisfaction with food! There are many benefits to eating slower, including improving our dental and digestive health.

You’ll need some supplies for this workshop:

A crunchy snack
2 paper cups (or mugs!)
Your favorite craft materials!

🍿 Sonic Seasoning Kits!

This activity is in development and we’re looking to polish it up with your help!.

  • We have 12 Sonic Seasoning kits for you to playtest and run with patrons.
  • Kits will be shipped out mid-December.
  • Beta-testing check-ins will be on Wednesdays, January 10th, 24th, and February 7th from 1-2PM ET. We’ll send you a meeting link after we confirm your kit.

Check out our beta-testing blog post here. Join the workshop to learn more!