Cosmic Picnic (Zero-Gravity Cookbook)

Cosmic Picnic (Zero-Gravity Cookbook)

What foods would you like to share at the cosmic picnic?

Will you prepare your snack / dish on Earth and transport it to space? Or will you cook it in zero gravity?

  1. Read PLIX's activity writeup for
  2. Get started on a recipe or food prototype to share.
  3. Join us for Thursday's Make & Meet at 3pm Eastern time (UTC-4) to work on and/or share your project.
  4. Share your project on the PLIX Forum.

Materials you'll need for this week's activity

While the first week's prompt will be doable with household materials, PLIX activities in weeks 2 and 3 are harder to find. Order now to make sure you have your materials in time.


various craft materials: You may need a variety of craft materials, but no specific materials in particular. In fact, the specific prompt we've chosen (recipes) can be done without any materials at all! But if you want to prototype your meal/utensil in 3D, any craft supplies or recyclables will do. We recommend using recycled materials that would have otherwise been sent to the landfill.