Eclipse Spatial Poetry Make’n’Meet Workshop

Eclipse Spatial Poetry Make’n’Meet Workshop

Wed, Jan 17th | 1:00–2:00PM ET

Explore your local maps for language, place, and belonging with the 2024 Eclipse path!

Join PLIX in creating spatial poetry that combines the expressive flexibility of poetic language and local data research skills to encourage a re-imagination of maps and renewed understanding of place. We’ll practice creative learning facilitation techniques. Poetry skills not required!

Getting Ready

You can participate with physical or digital tools! Here’s a list for physical materials:

  • Printed local map (or use this eclipse map link for physical and digital!)
  • Black marker (Sharpie, or wax pencil)
  • Paper, scissors, glue
  • Optional: skinny masking tape, white-out, your favorite craft materials
  • Optional: your favorite warm beverage!