OctoStudio in Libraries Make’n’Meet Workshop

OctoStudio in Libraries Make’n’Meet Workshop


Wednesday, March 20th | 1:00–2:00PM ET

Whether you are new to block-based coding, or are a whiz at Scratch, OctoStudio is a playful app that (sneakily) introduces the principles of programming to ages 8+ while having fun.

Join us to try out PLIX OctoStudio together, hear how other other library professionals have offered OctoStudio in their libraries, and learn about resources to give you confidence to run it for your library!

Getting Ready

You’ll need a few simple materials for this workshop:

🤳🏼A phone or tablet (iOS or Android)


  • 🧲 Playdoh, magnet, aluminum foil
  • ✂️ Your favorite craft materials
  • 🍵 Your favorite warm beverage!