PLIX Personas at CLS (paid registration)

PLIX Personas at CLS (paid registration)

July 29, 2021
💻 Online

Join the PLIX team at the Connected Learning Summit!

In this one-hour interactive, we'll run our online version of our popular Personas activity:


We all know it: Facilitation is a practice! So come practice and reflect with us! In this workshop, you’ll get the chance to participate in a facilitation personas activity developed by the Public Library Innovation Exchange (PLIX) team from the MIT Media Lab. Based on our experiences facilitating a wide variety of creative learning programs in public libraries, we’ve developed a set of participant personas that represent some of the common facilitation challenges we see emerging time and again when running creative, STEAM programs. During this workshop you will get the chance to practice facilitation in groups of around eight. The practice-facilitator will be given supplies to run a creative STEAM activity (e.g., paper circuits, Scratch, scribble bots, etc.), and a pre-crafted workshop prompt (e.g., "make a light-up greeting card; invent a new wacky musical instrument; tinker with scribble bots"). The rest of the group will be given a few choices of activity-participant personas, and encouraged to pick one that resonates with them or is different from their own personal learning style. Groups will then spend time playing out the scenario, as well as giving feedback, retrying moments, and switching roles. We welcome facilitators of all skill levels—from beginners to experts—to join us. At the end of the workshop, we’ll all participate in a group reflection on our personal facilitation practices, and you’ll leave with a copy of all the materials you’ll need to run this activity with your colleagues, staff, or students!

The Details 🔍

  • When is it? The workshop is Thursday, July 29th, 2–3pm ET. We'll be meeting on Clowdr! 💻
  • Who is this workshop for? Registered Connected Learning Summit participants. Whether or not you've been to a PLIX workshop before: we welcome you! 🤝
  • What can I expect? An online simulation of a workshop, with some attendees taking roles of co-facilitators and others as patron participants.
  • What's Connected Learning Summit? This year the conference is virtual and takes place over several weeks in July. You can head to to learn more. 🌐