Seasonal Sonic Seasoning Make’n’Meet Workshop

Seasonal Sonic Seasoning Make’n’Meet Workshop

Wednesday, October 18th | 1:00–2:00PM ET

Eat with your ears this holiday season! We’ll explore the different sounds of foods, and ways to change and highlight the sonic experience of food. Check out the full PLIX Sonic Seasoning activity here.

Getting Ready

You’ll need a few things for this workshop!

  • Your favorite crunchy snack
  • 2 empty (paper) cups or mugs
  • Pipe cleaners, beads or jingle bells
  • Paper, markers, and scissors
  • Your favorite craft supplies
  • Optional: a cardboard box big enough to fit your head inside!

Can’t decide on a snack? Reach out to us using this contact form with your mailing address by October 9th, and we can mail you a surprise in a flat envelope!