Playful Planet

Playful Planet

What will you play with at the cosmic picnic in the intergalactic garden?

Space has been expanding ever since the Big Bang, and with Inflatables you’ll be blowing up the playground!

Lighten up the mood with an airy element. Find a "pneu" way to play with new pneumatically activated toys and party decor of your own design!

You're donning flickering fashion to the cosmic picnic in the intergalactic garden. With a few pop-up playthings in the mix, our space soiree will reach new heights!

  1. Read PLIX's activity writeup for Inflatables.
  2. Get started on a unique piece of light-up fashion to "wear" to the picnic. It can be clothes, shoes, a hat or some other kind of an accessory.
  3. Join us for Thursday's Make & Meet at 3pm Eastern time (UTC-4) to work on and/or share your project.
  4. Share your project on the PLIX Forum.

Materials you'll need for this week's activity

⭐ Critical

  • Tape (any kind will do, but generally, the stronger the better! We've had success with colored scotch tape, painter's tape, and duct tape)
  • Paper (origami paper, newspaper, and wrapping paper work well for creating inflatables)
  • Mylar (note: critical only if using a mini iron; you can use empty chip/snack bags with a shiny interior! Make sure you wash out the bag with soap and water before the workshop)

Strongly recommended

  • Mini iron (like this one), if you plan to use heat to seal your inflatable together! You can also try using a standard-sized iron.
  • If using heat, it can be helpful to have extra aluminum foil or parchment/tracing paper on hand, to act as a layer between the heat source and the material you are using