Facilitating Creative Learning

Course: Facilitating Creative Learning

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Led by: The PLIX Team & experienced public library professionals from the PLIX community

πŸ—“οΈ Our Four Weeks Together

After diving in with a brief overview and welcome, the four-week course was structured around PLIX's set of seven principles of facilitating creative learning and running hands-on STEAM workshops. Each week we covered up to three of these principles, heard from library leaders in the field, and reflected how these facilitation principles apply in our respective contexts. Along the way we introduced a number of PLIX activities and created space for all participants to develop their own facilitation practice. New content was posted each Monday.

Things to Make With (Supplies List)

While the first week's activity prompt is doable with household materials, the suggested materials for PLIX activities in weeks 2 and 3 are harder to find.

🎯 Course Objective

This fully online course explored the fundamentals of creative learning and was tailored to public library professionals. With these four weeks of interactive professional development, participants gained the practical skills and confidence to start facilitating creative STEAM programming for their patrons. We dove deep into the design choices facilitators make when planning and implementing creative learning workshops, focusing especially on PLIX's Facilitation Techniques. With peers nationwide, participants developed their facilitation practice and left feeling prepared to offer patrons PLIX activitiesβ€”and other creative learning activities of their own design. Find out more about about what participants could have ended up with at the end of the course.

Course Outputs

🍏 PLIX's Commitment

We provided participants with engaging content to deepen their understanding of creative learning and its unique techniques of facilitation. We hosted a semi-private, casual community space to engage with peers in the library field alongside a public forum where participants could share ideas for all to see and make deeper connections. We sponsored weekly tinkering/co-making sessions tied to PLIX activities, all made by MIT Media Lab researchers working with librarian co-designers. We posted recordings of live events so that those who could not join synchronously were able to participate. We provided documentation of time spent on the course to those who needed it for continuing education credit.

〰️ Weekly Flow

The 4-week online course ran Monday, April 26th through Friday May 21st, 2021. We planned to spend about eight hours total β€” some in shared time together, but mostly asynchronous.

Each week, we delved into a creative learning theme together, exploring some big ideas as well as practical facilitation techniques participants could implement with PLIX activities.



Each week's new content launched by 10am ET. Listen to a weekly audio-only PLIX Conversation Starter and prepare questions for the Q&A.



Find out more about the week's content in this live Q&A on Zoom. (Gatherings will be recorded and posted.)


Read, listen, & make, and then add your ideas and reflections to the PLIX Forum.


3pm ET MAKEβ€˜N’ MEET PLIX activity spotlight and open hours focused on the week's themes while we tinker on projects together on Zoom. (Recorded and posted in the semi-private course channel.)


Read, reflect on, and respond to what your fellow coursemates have written on the PLIX Forum.